Rapid Allergy Test

  • 30 minute allergy rapid test
  • reliable diagnosis with just a few drops of finger prick blood 
  • Simple and fast test procedure
  • Covers 90% of most common allergies 
  • Results read with naked eye

FastCheckPOC® 20 Rapid Allergy Test covers some of the most prevelant allergies, inhalation and food, worldwide. FastCheckPOC® 20 is ideal for healthcare professionals to screen their patients for allergies during consultation.

FastCheckPOC 20®

Allergies to pollen, grasses, foods, etc. have a negative impact on patients’ daily life. A fast and reliable diagnosis is the key to alleviating symptoms and to a successful treatment of the causes. Symptoms of allergy can be different and varied in severity. Some of the most common symptoms are:

Seasonal and perennial rhinitis and conjunctivitis
Allergic asthma
Allergic eczema
Allergic rhinitis
Allergic gastrointestinal disorders



FastCheckPOC® 20 is also ideal for testing as secure alternative to common test methods that could lead to anaphylactic shocks and are not indicated, e.g. for pregnant women, children, patients with acure skin conditions or taking antihistamines.

Fast and reliable

  • Efficiency: Allergy testing for allergen-specific IgE in only 30 minutes with 20 test parameters in one test
  • Optical evaluation: Semi-quantitative results can be classified into 5 levels with correlation to CAP
  • 90% of the most common allergies covered*
  • Fast, simple handling: no laboratory environment needed
  • Reliable diagnosis with just a few drops of blood (200 microlitres) from the finger tip
  • Test can be performed by healthcare professionals
  • Prompt: Fast results meet patient expectations
  • Highest quality of allergens and reagents
  • In accordance with the recommendations of internationally renowned allergy experts
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