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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should have their DNA tested?

Those that have been frustrated on previous diets and want to know about their specific genetic make up as it relates to diet, exercise, health and risks of developing certain diseases and what markers they can potentially pass on to their children.


How accurate are DNA personal genetic reports?

Genetic reports are accurate. Our  laboratory has met the high standards set by EU Clinical Laboratory  regulations and  licensure requirements, thereby assuring you of high quality results . We handle the testing, interpretation, and reporting from beginning to end. This allows us better control over the research, testing, pricing and security.

What kind of genetic information can someone who has been adopted get from DNA personal genetic reports?

DNA personal genetic reports can be a great tool to discover health and ancestral information. Our reports cannot identify your biological mother of father, but in the absence of known health histories of your biological relatives, these reports may provide you with valuable information about your disease risk, sensitivity to certain foods and more. Many adopted individuals could find this very enriching and rewarding experience.

Am I required to notify anyone about my genetic results?

No, your genetic report is your own personal information. You are not required by law to notify or share this information with anyone. You may not find it beneficial to share this information with your doctor or with other family members, the decision is completely up to you.



The genetic markers and studies selected for this report represent the best and most recent genetic research in diet, exercise and weight-related health conditions. Some research can be described as stronger than others, based on the size of the population studied and whether the outcome can be replicated.