Personalized Nutrition:  DNA Testing

No guessing. No standard diet to follow. No celebrity endorsements. Just a precise set of recommendations tailored for you and your genetic make-up. If you want to cut to the chase and follow a diet that you KNOW is right for you, DNA Testing is the answer.

A simple test can reveal information locked in your DNA that can guide you to eat the right foods and undertake the perfect exercise programme to help get the results you want for weight control, fitness training, athletic performance, and for anyone that just wants to be as healthy as possible.

Recent developments in genetic knowledge have revealed connections between genes and health. In order to optimize your health it is important to make diet and lifestyle choices that precisely match your genetic make-up – your DNA.

What is DNA test – Genetically Based Nutritional Plans?

DNA test is concerned with the effects of our personal genetic variations in response to diet. DNA  testing enables us to find where we are on our journey towards achieving our personal, optimal health potential. Laboratory analysis of a simple swab from the inside of your mouth is all that is required to reveal the ideal diet and exercise programme for your genetics.


How does DNA Testing Work?

We will provide you with a test kit, including full instructions. The sample is a simple cheek swab from inside your mouth which is sent to the laboratory for analysis. Once the results are available simply book an appointment for a consultation, where you will be guided through the findings and recommended your personalized nutrition plan.

DNA PREMIUM ( read a test result example)

  •           12 weeks Diet Plan
  •           Obesity/Overweight genetic causes
  •           Regulation of appetite and anxiety
  •           The sport practice in weigh reduction
  •           Vitamin genetic deficiencies
  •           Type2 Diabetes Risk
  •           Lactose intolerance risk
  •           Best efectiveness to specific diet
  •           Your personalized Diet Plan
  •           Interpretation of the 639 food list

DNA Slim & Fit (read a test result example)

  •           12 Days Cleansing Plan
  •           Your ideal diet composition (how much carbohydrate, protein and fat you need)
  •           Your ideal exercise intensity and duration (whether you should focus on high intensity intervals, long slow endurance, or somewhere in between)
  •           Your exercise performance potential (whether you are most suited to power, strength or endurance activities)
  •           Cholesterol metabolism
  •           Insulin sensitivity
  •           Based on this genetic profile information it is possible to adjust your diet and lifestyle to optimise health.
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