Choose one of the 11 different Slimming Programs
(Low Fat, Dairy Free, Cholesterol Low, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Low Salt, Vegetarian Plan, GI. Plan etc)

You are being assaulted with a myriad of diets and slimming programs; now you will start to discover what OUR program is all about…

Actually it’s a five way strategy to help you lose weight and keep it off:

  • Food plans: there are three ‘‘levels’’ to help you lose weight nutritiously. The cleaning level, speed up metabolism level and the fat burning level. Plus…..your own
  • Maintenance Plan to guide you in keeping those kilograms off.
  • Personal Action Plan: designed by our specialist to help you change your dietary behaviour in very positive ways.
  • Personal Support: an atmosphere of sharing, encouragement and understanding, with the help of our Specialist.

Through our experience with men, women and teenagers – whose weight loses range from 4 kgs to more than 25 kgs – we have learned that a planned, gradual loss is by far the best. Because the real goal isn’t to “seesaw” down and up again, but to learn how to be slim for a lifetime.

What you can expect in the days ahead:

You will have your first weight-in, in private, as it will be each week. You will be given a temporary weight goal, which you are aiming towards from this day on. At the same time you will take the Body Stat Test – to determine the percentages of fat, muscles, and water in your body, together with the Metabolic Rate result. You will also have the Thermo Scan Test – to see the toxic state of your stomach and you will start your first diet.

During the following weeks you will have a Alckaline Test , Oxidative Test, a Food Plan Discussion, a Skin Analyzer Test and your weekly Personal Diet Plan. Week by week, you are gaining valuable insights into your eating behaviour through our modules. The modules help you plan specific ways to change your eating habits. You discuss your experiences and receive helpful suggestions from the qualified nutritionist.

Finally you will receive a Maintenance Plan ideas/ advices.