Rapid Allergy Test

30 minute allergy rapid test

reliable diagnosis with just a few drops of finger prick blood 

Simple and fast test procedure

Covers 90% of most common allergies 

Results read with naked eye

SPECIAL OFFER – 60 euro only 



Fast and reliable

  • Efficiency: Allergy testing for allergen-specific IgE in only 30 minutes with 20 test parameters in one test
  • Optical evaluation: Semi-quantitative results can be classified into 5 levels with correlation to CAP
  • 90% of the most common allergies covered*
  • Fast, simple handling: no laboratory environment needed
  • Reliable diagnosis with just a few drops of blood (200 microlitres) from the finger tip
  • Test can be performed by healthcare professionals
  • Prompt: Fast results meet patient expectations
  • Highest quality of allergens and reagents
  • In accordance with the recommendations of internationally renowned allergy experts

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