happiness is contagious and always manages to keep people from being paralyzed by depression, loneliness and troubles. Feel good about yourself everyday of your life …and stop sabotaging your own happiness!

Discover the true empowerment that emotional freedom can bring. Be free from the past and design the future….the way you want it.

Would you like to get rid of some emotional baggage?

•Are you bothered by negative emotions?

•Would you like to gain emotional control of your life?

•Have you ever been in a situation where someone told you that you have overreacted to a situation but you disagreed?

•Would you like to get clarity on what you really want in your life?

•Have you ever set goals for the future and had them not happen?

•Would you like to discover how to visualize your future so it’s more compelling, motivating and exciting for you?

The sum total of our life experiences and the memories associated with them impact on how we approach our lives now, day to day. It’s “the stuff” from the past that keeps us less than fulfilled and stops us from achieving the results we want. You’ve got limitless potential and INSTANT MIND DETOX workshop  gives you the tools to extract your hidden talents and desires and then guide you to the solutions you need to design and create a bright, compelling future

There is no greater personal challenge in creating a joyful, meaningful, and successful life than mastering your inner environment.

By nurturing Your Success through NLP, Time Line Therapy® Life Coaching and practical exercise, I will empower you with the tools you need to be your best as you navigate through your life and your career.

Thinking can be toxic

The fact is that most of us have self-doubts – for example “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll never be rich,” or “I don’t deserve a great relationship,” all of which  create false limitations and impede your ability to create reachable and attainable outcomes and goals. Your thinking gets in the way to having the success you want—however you define that to be. Although your mind, like your body, is incredible, it can, nevertheless, become toxic. The average person has as many as 130,000 filtered  thoughts every day. Some of these thoughts pass through your mind with little or no impact upon your body or life. The rest fall into two categories: thoughts that help you and thoughts that hurt/hinder you. It is therefore vital to change both the nature of and your relationship with your thoughts for you to enjoy better health and happiness.

The disease of unresolved emotions

Emotions can become toxic too. Emotions are in effect ‘energy in motion’ within and around your body. They are designed to flow freely. However, it is possible for them to become stuck in your system. Negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and grief, are the most common emotions to become stuck because they are often linked with unexpected Significant Emotional Events that ‘shock’ the body-mind. Stuck emotions are energy that has become stagnant in your system. 

What your mind believes, your body becomes

Unfortunately, many people also unintentionally block their health and happiness with out-of-date beliefs that are harmful to their body and their life. Incredibly, research indicates a person’s beliefs can communicate with the individual cells of the body, which then respond over time by creating physical conditions that mirror the messages sent to them by the brain.

At Instant MIND DETOX, I will teach, support, and coach you to your greatness so you:

  • Feel powerful and confident
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Manage your inner environment and tame your negative inner dialogue
  • Forgive your past: let go of past hurts and old pain so you can completely enjoy the present
  • Eliminate procrastination, perfectionism, and the high price of expectations
  • Choose your greatness over your fear
  • Change your conversations to be more positive and meaningful

We start with an assessment instrument called WHEEL of LIFE, then Core VALUE, then NLP Communication model (values, meta-programs, belief, memories etc) will talk about internal representation,  will teach you a very simple – but most powerful tool to de-stress. And we finish talking about Time Line Therapy®  that utilizes the person’s  own internal “Time Line” working with their Unconscious Mind  in a number of ways which including healing emotional traumas and eliminating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours in minutes rather than days, months or years. Time Line Therapy® means you can be free from your past so that you can have your future by design.