adrenalin stress test

ZRT Laboratory’s Adrenal Stress Profile, a simple saliva test measuring DHEA and diurnal Cortisols, is the standard for evaluating adrenal health. Samples collected at four critical time points in one day provide a useful picture of adrenal function to help patients dealing with stress-related symptoms and disorders.

Stress Hormones and Adrenal Imbalance
The difference between stress we can handle and stress that gets out of hand is the difference between adrenal balance or imbalance. Both high and lows of the key adrenal hormones, DHEA and Cortisol, can play havoc with body systems and related hormones – triggering further imbalances.

Changes like these often result in multiple stress-related disorders – from chronic fatigue, cravings and weight gain, to insomnia, depression and frequent illness. It’s estimated that up to 80% of adult suffer from some level of adrenal fatigue, yet it remains one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses.

Hormone testing allows you to find the source of adrenal imbalances underlying patient symptoms, offering long-term treatment solutions.

Don’t Let Stress-Related Disorders Go Untreated

If the following symptoms sound familiar, your patients are likely to benefit from testing with the adrenal stress profile:

  • Morning or evening fatigue
  • weight gain
  • sweets cravings
  • Poor concentration and/or impaired performance
  • Feeling “tired but wired”
  • High stress and irritability
  • Increased appetite / cravings
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Susceptibility to illness

Troublesome or persistent symptoms are clear warning signs of an adrenal imbalance in full swing or waiting to happen. If stress demands remain high, taxing the adrenal glands’ ability to keep up, the eventual course is adrenal fatigue with ensuing complications and related hormone imbalances.

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